Advanced Military Solutions for Rugged Cabinet Integration

Military Computing Rack Solutions Rugged Cabinet

The modern military relies on cutting-edge technology and efficient computer systems to carry out complex tasks and achieve its missions. In demanding military operations, it is crucial to have rugged, secure, and user-friendly computing technology that can thrive in harsh environments. To meet these requirements, various computing technologies, including servers, displays, and routers, need to be integrated seamlessly in a rackmount cabinet solution.

Rugged From the Inside Out

For military applications, rugged computing is essential as systems must withstand extreme conditions. Core Systems rugged computer and display cabinet integration is purpose-built to fulfill these needs, offering durability, reliability, and high performance.

Power Solutions are Key

A critical feature of the Core Systems Cabinet is the installation of Raritan PX3 Series PDUs. These 0U PDUs are vertically installed on the cabinet’s rear, providing redundant power with one PDU per side. Each PDU is equipped with an independent Temp/Humidity sensor for redundant monitoring, and upstream surge suppression safeguards the systems from power spikes. To ensure stability in rugged terrain, the cabinet maintains a low center of gravity.

Cabinet Integration with Rugged HPE Servers

Core Systems stands out as one of the few providers of Rugged HPE Servers. These ruggedized servers are installed on rail slides with cable management arms, while network switches are placed on fixed rails oriented towards the cabinet’s rear. The front-to-rear airflow design ensures optimal cooling and performance.

Tested to Meet Vibration and Shock

Core Systems Rugged systems undergo thorough testing to withstand vibration and shock, making them highly suitable for military applications. The installation on rail slides and cable management arms further enhances their durability and performance.

Innovative military solutions for rugged cabinet integration are essential for optimizing size, speed, and power while maintaining the highest level of security and efficiency in harsh environments. Core Systems cabinet installations offer a comprehensive and dependable approach to meeting the demands of modern military operations.

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