Core Systems has developed mission-critical systems for applications of all types. These solutions are designed to meet to environmental demands of the mission and adapt to an ever-evolving battlefield. We have a history of creating sensor signal processing for defense applications, mission-critical airborne systems and more. Our portfolio of rugged solutions and one off designs are purpose-built to exceed mission expectations.

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At Core Systems, we’ve pioneered mission-critical systems for a wide range of applications, adapting to the environmental demands of ever-evolving battlefields. From enhancing ISR capabilities to providing advanced radar technology, our multi-domain solutions take your mission to the next level.

Your Mission, Our Expertise
Since 2007, Core Systems has been dedicated to crafting customized solutions for military operations, ensuring excellence from concept to completion. We’ve developed a rugged solution for every conceivable military application.

Precision in Every Solution
Core Systems leads in military tech with custom solutions exceeding expectations. Our tailored, rugged systems meet your environmental standards in order to provide unmatched reliability in the battlefield.

Work with Core Systems for a fusion of innovation and reliability designed to meet the demands of modern military technology.

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Military Aircraft Systems

Our rugged technology can upgrade almost any aircraft mission.

Training & Simulation

Our systems can be used to simulate battle conditions to prepare soldiers.


We provide solutions for Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) systems that serve a variety application types.

Joint All-Domain

Our multi-domain solutions can operate independently or together across a mission-critical infrastructure.


We develop technology that allows radar to track down targets while avoiding the threats of enemy jamming.


Our systems have been used for advanced sensors that renders data for mission improvement.

Land Systems

We develop the most modern and rugged solutions for land forces that are built for any terrain.


We develop technology that supports unmanned aircraft systems to give your mission the edge on the battlefield.


The modern battle is fought silently through electronic warfare and Core Systems has the technology to keep you up to speed.

Engineered to perform



  • Joint All-Domain
  • Land, Air and Sea Systems
  • Cyber Security Solutions
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  • Air/Land
  • Sea
  • Cyber
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  • Trusted by Industry Leaders
  • Worldwide Partnerships
  • Access to Cutting-Edge Tech
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Test Reports

  • Military-Grade Testing
  • Comprehensive Data
  • Variety of MIL-STD Tests
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